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Las Peñas Coffee Factory is a Costa Rican Coffee family business since 1949.

Our coffee farm is located in the fertile slopes of the Poas volcano, at an altitude between 1200 meters and 1500 meters (4000 and 5000 ft. ) above sea level.

All our coffee is collected by hand by workers who are looking for a better livelihood for their families, taking advantage of the vacations of the schools and schools, and in this way they can earn an extra money.

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Las Peñas Gourmet Coffee

Las Peñas coffee is a fine coffee S.H.B (strictly hard grain) Gourmet grown and processed in compliance with environmental protection standards of companies such as Rain Forence Alliance and others.

Our coffee is roasted, ground and packed the same day to obtain a coffee of excellent quality, flavor, aroma and freshness. This is how we do it at Las Peñas Coffee Factory.

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Coffee Tour

Experience our Coffee Tour in a real Coffee Factory, located in the coffee town of Sabanilla, Alajuela.

Get to know more on the entire coffee process from the preparation of the seedling up to the tasting of a great gourmet S.H.B. coffee!

Enjoy a typical Costa Rican breakfast or lunch, in a real Costa Rican coffee mill!

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